Nesin Foundation

Aziz Nesin committed another one of his humanist acts in 1972, as he established the foundation Nesin Vakfı, which undertook the education of countless orphan children. On each opportunity, Nesin proudly stated that through the foundation he had countless children other than his own four. On July 5,1995, during a book-signing event in Izmir, Nesin died due to heart failure, and in accordance with his will, he was buried in an unspecified location on the foundation property. Aziz Nesin had stated in his will “I don’t want children to visit me on my grave and to be upset, in addition I have no intention of lying below a huge gravestone and to scare them.” Nesin had managed to put a bit of bitter black humor in his own death as well. Nesin is the foremost humor writer in Turkish literature, and has earned countless national and international awards.