Director's Statement

To be honest, I see life as a very mathematical, technical process.

And living is a very technical subject; apart from luck, accidents and substance abuse. You might ask: “What's left?” What's left are the touches, details, life itself.

Aziz Nesin touched my life, too. The mathematical importance of who you choose to touch your life, or the choice of those who will touch others starts here. When Aziz Nesin enters the proximity of your life, something happens; and when somebody else does, something entirely different happens. First of all, you see how bravery and grace intersect in Aziz Nesin. While you are enchanted by such extreme, intense, sincere and constant commitment of life to others, and by the fact that this commitment is towards humanity's hardest but cutest and most vulnerable and fragile part—children— you suddenly start to realize his intelligence, bit by bit. Of course this happened to me, bit by bit, too. (Everything depends on the power and speed of your own intellect.) While performing this extraordinary feat, he stayed away from the spotlight—and with great and elegant tricks, stayed away from bragging, praise from others and talks about how noble his heart was. He hid himself and his great courage. Indeed, when you think about it, he was an ordinary human being, just like you and me. In fact, in comparison to me, he was much shorter, but he gathered many children around and right in the middle of his heart, took responsibility for them to the full extent, from A to Z and for all time, nevertheless. He fed them, clothed them and educated them.

He always went the whole nine yards anyway.

What I am saying could be understood much better this way: The fact is we are not so different, him and us, the ordinary people. Because, for example, I could take full responsibility for a child, I have a big enough heart for that. I could take a kid, whom I don't know at all, to the amusement park one afternoon, treat that kid to a fine meal and then take him to the movies. I could do this for two kids, and maybe do it again three weeks later; I could even deposit some money on a bank account once a month or a year for a scholarship. But, as you can clearly see, all these actions have nothing to do with devoting your whole existence, your whole life, and with what Aziz Nesin did at all. I won't say there is a difference between taking a child to the movies and embracing tens of children until they are ready to start their life, or if required, for their entire life. These are unrelated things, and it is absurd to compare the two.

Principle is an important word for Aziz Nesin. So are solidarity and sharing. Aziz Nesin's life gives meaning to these words. I am grateful to him for what I have learned and what I have seen. And I am very lucky that he touched my life. Aziz Nesin is a great heart who said what he believed in, who marched braving every danger, no matter what. He touched all of us, and our lives prospered and grew thanks to him.